Oh my stars! Queen Elizabeth would’ve certainly had her royal knickers in a twist after hearing what her official website just published…

Apparently the official royal family website accidentally just put up a link to a porn site!

According to The Daily Mail, the website royal.uk, which is described as being “the home of the royal family”, was supposed to hyperlink to a Welsh charity site Dolen Cymru, but instead was sending those that clicked it to a Chinese porn site.

The x-rated site reportedly featured “live sex shows” and explicit images.

The royal blunder was quickly fixed and the link now correctly takes uses to Dolen Cymru charity page, which aims to create “lasting, positive change in the southern African Kingdom of Lesotho and in communities in Wales.”

Prince Harry has been a patron for this charity since 2007.

The palace is yet to make any official comment on the matter. Maybe they’re hoping that no one would notice but in a world where the internet is so instantaneous, people catch on to mistakes like this pretty darn quickly…


We reckon they’ll be triple checking anything and everything that gets published on the royal family website from now on.

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