It’s one of the most popular programs at the moment, but viewers are starting to turn, with some criticising the show for favouring Poh Ling Yeow over the other returning contestants. 

In the Facebook fan group, Masterchef Australia 2020, some members have labelled the season, ‘The Poh Show’.

“Is this the Poh show? The whole show is all a little manic,” wrote one fan.

“Please MasterChef Australia, I know you can’t alter the pre recorded episodes but when you catch up, PLEASE don’t put so much attention on Poh, she is not the most important person there,” said another.

Somebody else added, “Honestly. Headline for tonights show ‘Poh’s Riskiest Move’ is she the only cook tonight?”


However, others disagree, labelling the chef “the best”.

“I can’t understand why everyone hates Poh! I think she’s funny, self-deprecating and not up herself at all,” a fan wrote.

The popular chef first appeared on Masterchef in 2009, coming second behind Julie Goodwin.

Masterchef Australia continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Ten.

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