1,2,3,4 – Hi-5!

No doubt you can still hear that song in your head all of these years later. You might even know the song word for word (five in the air let’s do it togetherrrrr… Moving on)

And so this news is going to make you actually want to high five yourself out of pure excitement.

The original Hi-5 crew might just be following in the footsteps of The Wiggles and reuniting for an adults only concert!

One of the OG kids show members Nathan Foley posted a throwback picture of the whole gang to Instagram yesterday, sparking the rumours.

“WHO WANTS THE ORIGINAL HI-5 TO DO A SPECIAL 18+ REUNION CONCERT? IF YOU THINK WE SHOULD? THEN LET US KNOW IF YOU’LL BE THERE,” he wrote in the caption. And clearly he was excited too judging by the caps lock.


“This post can be your petition,” he added.

People immediately took to the comments section to give their tick of approval.

“Bro. Please.,” wrote one commenter.

“Do it!” added another.

Anthony Wiggle even got in on the action commenting, “Yesssss”


So seriously guys, make this happen! What do you say Kellie, Kathleen, Charli and Tim?