Vegans have protested at the filming of the new season of Masterchef Australia at the South Melbourne Market.

Judges George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston were ambushed by around two-dozen protesters while tucking into the dishes that contestants had made them.

The protesters were holding up signs displaying animals saying they are not ‘ingredients’ but ‘someone.’

Protest organiser Natalie Cruz told the Herald Sun they thought it was the perfect opportunity to remind people to make better meal choices draw awareness to animal cruelty.

“People watch cooking shows because they love food and they are good platform to raise awareness that animals are living and breathing souls and not just ingredients,” she said.

“We want vegan contestants to go on the show and prove to the audience that you can cook amazing and nutritious meals without using meat or dairy.”

A Network Ten spokesman said the cooking show had always welcomed contestants with different cooking preferences to audition.


“The show has been running for nine years and we’ve had a wide variety of contestants who were passionate about their beliefs,” he said.

The spokesman said the protest was peaceful and did not disrupt the filming of the show.