While watching The Masked Singer, we’ve all found ourselves wondering, how on earth are these people singing inside a stinking hot face mask? Why are they holding a microphone? Is the show staged?

The answers to all these questions were answered in the form of last night’s evictee Nikki Webster, who stopped by to chat with Jonesy & Amanda about the logistics behind the notorious mask.

“We’ve got mics under our hoods… underneath that hot suit and heavy head!”

Wait, so it’s 100 per cent authentic?

“They [the heads] are like their own little sound booths really.

“They had to foam inside mine because mine is so high and low so they had to fill it up to a certain height.

“The sound kept bouncing so they had to fill the sides with all different kinds of textures so they could get the sound right.”


But, what about the microphone every performer holds?

All is revealed in the video above!

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