The reason we’re getting all fired up is because it’s starting to look like one of our favourite Married At First Sight Couples has already split before the show has even finished airing on TV.

And it’s all because of a pretty telling Instagram comment.

Sadly we’re talking about Ivan and Aleks. The pair are currently one of the strongest couples on this season with cheating scandals and toothbrush incidents happening around them left, right and centre.

But now we’re starting to think that they don’t make the distance.

Instagram fan page MAFS Funny posted a photo of Ivan and Aleks out on a double date with fellow MAFS couple Stacey and Michael.


In the comments section Stacey wrote, “I just vomited”, which isn’t too surprising seeing as things aren’t so smooth sailing with her and Michael’s relationship.

But then Aleks joined in on the comments and added, “I’m feeling ill as well what were we thinking?”

Uh oh… But it didn’t stop there.

Stacey the added, “as if we were seen with that. Hahaha f*ck sake. I blame lack of sleep”.

To which Aleks responded, “We must have been losing our minds! Or maybe just falling for the f*ck boy lies and manipulation”.


So while it seems like they’re the only couple without issues onscreen at the moment, it looks like something goes down between Ivan and Aleks!

We sure don’t think she would be writing those sorts of comments if they were still together, don’t you agree?