We are so excited to announce that from next week, you will be able to hear The Christian O’Connell Show on 101.7WSFM!

Starting from Monday, April 27, between 7 PM & 8 PM, you will be able to hear Christian and the teams incredible show.

Watch the video above for a hilarious phone exchange between Christian and Russell Brand!

On the announcement, Christian said “I’m so lucky to be able to continue to build a new radio show here in Australia. It’s open to any free spirit who loves storytelling, and radio that’s inclusive and talks about all aspects of our lives. I aim to carry on making radio that’s about real people, rather than reality TV or showbiz gossip.’

The Christian O’Connell Show, weekdays between 7 PM & 8 PM, from Monday, April 27th on Sydney’s 101.7WSFM.

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