When it came time for The Block’s master bedroom room reveals, Mitch and Mark’s game-changing decision had the judges and fellow Blockheads scratching their heads.

Instead of designing a master bedroom, the pair decided to make it an entertaining area, which ultimately – and controversially – resulted in them winning the challenge.

While we saw the action unfold on the show, you may not be aware that the fan favourites decided on the entertainment area’s design prior to even being accepted on the show.

“We found the plans online before we even got on the show,” Mitch told Jonesy & Amanda before explaining that the plans are in the public domain online.

“All of the couples actually said that they saw the plans,” Mark added. “We all wanted to have a look at what we’d have to do if we got on [the show]”.


Despite ‘master bedroom week’ being hammered in the pair’s minds over the past few weeks, they knew all along that they wouldn’t be following the pack.

“It didn’t work,” Mitch said bluntly.

Mark added: “We looked at that top level, and people probably can’t tell from the show yet, but the ensuite bathroom for the master is across the stairwell. It’s not connected to the bedroom.

“In our view, the master ensuite has to be connected to the bedroom. You don’t want to get up in the middle of the night.

“At my age, when you get up in the middle of the night, you don’t want to walk across the stairwell where anybody can see you.”

So, is it a move to sabotage the others, particularly the ones next door?


“No! We actually love the guys next door… but it was just a move to make our house the best it could be.

“The wall between those two is the original 1860s double brick,” Mark explained, highlighting how quiet the rooms are.

“We asked ourselves what is the best way to live in a house that’s probably going to sell for three million, and the living spaces are not big enough.

“We went to a more experienced real estate, and got their advice… she said that people do not want a master that doesn’t have an ensuite in there, and you’re right – you need to change it up!”


Unlike some of the other contestants, Mitch and Mark have only applied for The Block once.

Mitch explained, “The entries were closing and I’d had a couple of wines and I said to Mark, ‘why don’t we apply for The Block?’ and he said ‘knock yourself out!'”

It was at that moment that Mitch submitted the application, just a minute before applications closed.

After applying, the pair were interviewed for the show and put up against another aspiring Block couple in a mini renovating challenge.

“The challenge was against these two young twin guys who were absolutely incredibly good looking, and beautiful people with great personalities.

“They were international DJ’s, and we thought, that’s us done!” Mitch said.


“Low and behold, we got on!”

The Block continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.