Well here’s a story that is quickly getting confusing!

We all know that just because a guy and a girl hang out, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re dating…

BUT, you’d think it would be pretty clear cut when that guy, aka Geoffrey Edelsten, confirms he is dating that girl, aka Suzi Taylor.

However, the former The Block contestant has something else to say on that matter!

After the serial Playboy confirmed to the Herald Sun that the pair were dating and he was “euphoric”, Taylor has told the Daily Mail the exact opposite.


Denying she was dating the 73-year-old, she said she had “no idea” what gave him that impression.

A representative for the reality star also denied the story, claiming they were “just new friends”.

Taylor has previously been romantically linked to a producer of The Block and Today Show host Richard Wilkins – both of whom she had no issue in confirming.

Which leads us to one of three conclusions…

A) She’s embarrassed to admit she’s dating the guy linked to Brynne Gordon and Gabi Grecko


B) Geoffrey’s getting a little ahead of himself

C) This is all a carefully crafted plan by someone to get publicity

Either way, it’s definitely made headlines!

Photos: Getty/The Block

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