Scott Cam is regularly asked why The Block won’t return to Sydney, and the answer is simple – council regulations are stricter.

“I’d like to come back to Sydney, but we do get a tough time with the councils and government,” The Block host told Jonesy & Amanda.

“We bring a lot of money into the economy. We employ 200 people… and we also put 150 beds in there, and we’ve got local artists”.

Understandably, there’s no wonder why Melbourne won’t let them go!

But, could the recent renovation kerfuffle between Lendlease and the NSW Government around Allianz Stadium potentially change this?

The coalition government late last week revealed the stage two offer from Lendlease – which knocked down the venue at Moore Park – did not meet its expectations and the search was on for another builder. Could that builder be our very own Scott Cam?

The total budget for knocking down and rebuilding the stadium is $729 million.


Scotty Cam’s verdict? “$729 million, she’s under budget!”


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So, could we see The Block: Football Stadium in the near future? Well, it appears that’s the only way we’re getting The Block back in Sydney!

Gladys Berejiklian, if you’re reading this, give Scotty Cam a call (… and maybe Jonesy too).

The next series of The Block starts this Sunday on Channel Nine with the refurbishment of the Oslo Hotel in St Kilda.


Hear more about Scott Cam’s plans above!