Imagine seeing your partner kiss another person. Okay, now imagine watching them kiss 20 other people. Oh, and add the fact that these kisses are being televised to thousands across the country!

It’s only natural that you’d feel a tad uncomfortable, right?

When The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew and his gorgeous girlfriend Chelsie McLeod dropped by to chat with Jonesy & Amanda, we couldn’t help ourselves from asking the chemical engineer that very question.

“I was fine actually!” Chelsie responded.

“I think being with all the girls, we’d chat about our dates anyway so I already knew what was going on,” she explained before jokingly apologising to Matt.

“But, I would watch it week to week with a big group of friends and they’d be quite loud and distracting so it was the perfect way to watch it because I wasn’t listening to anything.

“I was kind of just cringing at myself, hiding away a little bit but then Matt and I got to watch the last episode together last night.”


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So, how did Chelsie feel when Abbie declared “I just really want to have sex with you, I’m really horny” to Matt?

“I’m quite comfortable with my relationship with Matt so it wasn’t too daunting.

“I mean, it wasn’t the most comfortable thing and I wouldn’t really want to watch it again but we survived it!”

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