The Bachelor must be coming to our TV screens VERY soon because Network 10 have really started ramping up the advertising with another new trailer released today!

While the first trailer gave us our first real glimpse at the main man himself on this season, Astrophysicist and resident hottie Matt Agnew, this second trailer gives us a look at the women who will compete for his heart!

And by the looks of things, this season is going to be GOOD!

Throughout the trailer we see women appearing one after the other dressed in ball gowns and with their typical cheesy item designed to get the Bachie’s attention (we’re talking red carpets, baskets of goodies and even a freaking motorbike) in tow.

While most of the girls don’t get more than a few seconds of air time, we do meet one blonde bombshell named Abbie who has a rather, shall we say interesting, first encounter with Bachie Matt.


As Matt introduces himself to her he says, “I’m an astrophysicis”.

Abbie takes this in for a moment before replying, “I’m a Gemini”… Oh darl… Astrophysists not astrologist!

Although we’ll forgive her because she seems like a really nice chick and was probably just distracted by Matt’s impeccable charm.

Matt also brushed off the embarrassing blunder by telling Abbie that he’s a Leo. Cute!

“I really hope the stars align and I can meet the girl of my dreams,” Matt says.

We hope so too! Check out the trailer in the video above!