If you have the urge to buy a ridiculous sportscar, get in shape, quit your job and / or want to leave your current partner, then you may be experiencing a midlife crisis.

As we have learnt from Kevin Spacey’s character, Lester in American Beauty the midlife crisis is a period of change in one’s life and it can be quite destructive for all those involved. 

Well, apparently the music streaming platform ‘Spotify’ has figured out when the midlife crisis strikes. 

Through analyzing what music people listen to, they believe the average midlife crisis occurs at age 42.

Users at the age of 42 drop their usual playlists, which contains hits from their youth in favour for today’s top charters such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. 


The research has shown that young 20-year-olds listen to chart music, but then their taste starts to change in their 30s as they attempt to look for different music. 

Then at age 42, we burst back into the music scene wanting to be apart of current pop culture. 

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