She topped the No. 1 spot on the Triple J Hottest 100, and won the Best Song Grammy Award for Bad Guy, and now we’re being told that the inspiration behind Billie Eilish stems back to good ol’ Sydney!

Music sensation Billie Eilish and her brother/producer Finneas spoke to Rolling Stone Magazine last month to explain how they crafted the award-winning song.

It appears that the pulsating beat of Bad Guy’s chorus is actually a sample of the “doop doop” sound of a Sydney traffic light when it tells pedestrians it’s safe to walk.

“My mum and I went for a walk in Sydney. We were across the street from the hotel,” she explained.

“The crosswalk was this… you press it and it’s like “doop doop” and I was like that’s hard. That’s the sound that it makes when you have to wait.”

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Eilish decided to record the traffic light sound, and send it over to her brother who then played around with the frenetic crossing sound, forming the basis for the Bad Guy beat.

Who would’ve thought the world’s most popular song has musical links to Sydney traffic lights?

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