A teenager’s yearbook quote has gone viral – for good reason, because it’s perfect.

Caitlyn Cannon, 18, graduated from Oak Hills High School in California and decided to take the opportunity to make her strong views known through her yearbook quote, which tackles two major issues – the gender pay gap and gay marriage – in one flawless sentence.

A fellow student tweeted the image, which has been retweeted over 8600 times.

Caitlyn, who identifies as a “really gay” feminist, told Cosmopolitan, “I had no idea it would even be seen anywhere other than the yearbook, much less by thousands of people on Twitter!”


The student wanted to draw attention to the very real feminist issues that are present in our society, and decided to use her yearbook quote space for just that, rather than something “funny or silly”.

“No matter how much they complain and try to belittle it, feminism will always exist, as long as women do not have the same opportunities and privileges as men have,” she continued.

Colour us amazed by this articulate and intelligent teen – a glimmer of hope for the future. 

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