Better start prepping the office with dog bowls and stuffed toys! This Friday, June 21, is Take Your Dog To Work Day – i.e. the best damn day of the whole year.

Yep this is an actual thing and we can barely deal!

While some days you might wish to be anywhere else but sitting in the office, especially on the day before the weekend, Take Your Dog To Work day is sure to make your entire day much more positive and productive!

To celebrate the big day, we’re all being encouraged to bring our pooches into work with us, so text your boss now to let them know this is 100% happening!

One company that is super excited to take part in TYDTWD is Mad Paws, a company known for creating a pet sitting app! Community Manager Thomas Derricott has said that having dogs in the office can be really beneficial for workers.

“Dogs are a great way of nurturing rapport between team members, providing relief in stressful situations, and raising overall morale,” said Mr Derricott.

In preparing for the big day this Friday, Mr Derricott also gave out some pretty handy advice, telling people who wish to participate to check with their office first.


“It’s important to ensure the entire team is on board with this decision. Conduct a quick check around the office to make sure there are no allergies or phobias,” he suggested.

“It’s important that your pup is prepare to spend time in this new environment,” he added. “Well behaved, house trained dogs that aren’t too vocal are ideal as office dogs.”

Of course, if your day gets too stressful at work and you can’t look after your pup, you can always contact Mad Paws t organise a sitter by booking one of their professional dog-lovers on their app!

Friday can’t come soon enough! Bring on the doggos.

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