Sydney residents were laughed giggling while watching The Voice Last night as Loma Schaaf took to the stage.

But it wasn’t his audition that had people laughing, it was his story of living in Mount Druitt.

During Loma’s introduction, he was said  ‘It was two in the morning at the beginning of last year. All we heard was gunshots and the house across the road. Their cars were on fire. It was a drive-by. It is a tough neighbourhood to grow up in.’ 

He added: ‘I’m from Mount Druitt. Singing to me is an escape’.  

It left viewers taking to Twitter to say Another person added:  ‘Omg CRYING LAUGHING that this guys sob story is “I live in Mt Druitt”‘. 


Others were just happy to see their ‘burb on TV, with one person Tweeting: ‘Mt Druitt represent!’ while another Tweeted: ‘Mount Druitt rep I’m dying’.

The Voice continues on Channel 9 tonight.