A Sydney taxi driver has lost his job after he faked having a heart attack and abandoned a customer because she refused to pay him cash after he turned the meter off.

The driver had accepted a job from Sydney Airport to Annandale in the inner west before he demanded the woman pay him cash rather than the metered fare.

The woman said the driver became annoyed when she refused before pulling over in a side street in Sydenham.

The driver then turned off the metre and demanded she gets out of the car, refusing to finish the trip.

The woman refused and took out her phone to film the altercation as it took place.

As she started to film, the driver removed himself from the car and told the woman he was ‘too unwell’ to continue the journey, saying ‘I’m not driving ma’am. I’m not driving, My condition is not well… you are frustrated with me, but I will very sick. I will go to doctor and take the medicine.’’

The man then collapsed to the floor, clutching his chest and refused to continue the journey.


Nick Abrahim, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Taxi Council said the driver was obliged to take the woman to her destination. 

‘It is an obligation of the driver to pick up the passenger regardless of where they’re going. ‘You also have the right to be provided with a safe and reliable journey, and that is the driver taking you to your destination.’ 

He went on to say that the only reason a driver can refuse a fare is if they are finishing up their shift.

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