Sydney radio star Malcolm T Elliott has died at the age of 73 in Lismore.

Malcolm hosted the breakfast show on 2UW Sydney from 1972-76, and again from 1978-79 alongside Peter Shanahan and Tony Dickinson.

He is best known in the radio industry for his “24 hour lock-in” prank where he pretended to cut the electric locks on the 2UW studio doors, and locked himself in the studio for 24 hours. Thousands of people filed through the studios to see him, and people all over Sydney turned off their television sets and “watched” the radio.

The public seemed to readily accept the “lock-in” as the gag it was, while management at other stations local and interstate believed that he had taken over the station. It resulted in a spike in the next ratings figures which took 2UW to its highest ever breakfast rating to that time.

Aside from radio, Elliot also regularly appeared on television, most notably on ‘Celebrity Squares’ with Bert Newton, Don Lane, Chelsea Brown, and Ugly Dave Gray.



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