A 26-year-old Sydney mother has abandoned her two children to join the ISIS death cult in Syria.

Jasmina Milovanov left her two children, aged five and seven, with a babysitter earlier this month and told them she was going to pick up a new car – but never returned.

She sent a text to her ex-husband telling him she was in “sham” – slang for Syria – and asked him to return home to the children.

A former friend believes Ms Milovanov may have been lured over to the war-torn region by infamous jihadi bride recruiter Zehra Duman, a Melbourne woman.

Her former husband was “absolutely shocked” by the text he received, and has not heard from her since.

“I can’t believe she left these two beautiful children,” he said.

“I talked to her… I said this is extreme, stupid. I was warning her about who she hung out with.”


The AFP is investigating the matter.