Australian Survivor’s season one runner-up and current All-Star contestant, Lee Carseldine, departed the competition after receiving some devastating news back home. 

The former cricketer was at camp with tribemates Tarzan, Shonee, AK and Jacqui. As the group stood around the campfire, the voice of a producer could be heard off-screen, asking Lee to come for a chat in the jungle.

He was told that his mother Elizabeth had unexpectedly suffered a stroke. In the moments that followed, Lee was handed a mobile phone where he received the awful news that his mother Elizabeth was unconscious.

“My mum had a massive stroke,” Lee told Tarzan.

“And I don’t think she’s going to make it… It’s real bad, it’s bad”.

Elizabeth shortly passed away.

Speaking to Jonesy & Amanda five months after filming, Lee explained his heartbreak over the loss of his mum and the love and support he received from his tribemates, particularly Tarzan.


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He also revealed the inspirational work he is doing in raising awareness of the prevalence of strokes, and the need for more funding to help prevent, treat and beat it.

“Over half a million people are affected by stroke… it kills more people than prostate and breast cancer together,” he revealed.

Lee has helped set up the ‘Towel Challenge’ in partnership with the Stroke Foundation with the aim of preventing, treating and beating stroke in the future. All you need to do is get a towel, take a FUN photo, and post it in black and white on Instagram using the hashtag #towelchallenge.

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