Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew has been slammed by fans and television executives alike after posting an “errant” tweet targeting Channel Nine reporter, Seb Costello.

The television personality, who deleted the offending tweet shortly after posting it, has since issued an apology, claiming she was “half asleep” at the time and did not mean to cause offence.

However, many remain unimpressed by Bartholomew’s apology, with others calling her out on Twitter for not taking responsibility for her actions.

“Good work on displaying a lower level of intelligence and simple manners in the use of vulgar language. Not a fan,” one person wrote.

Another added, “What a load of crap, half asleep! You send a tweet, you know full well what you’re doing. Take ownership of your tweet @edwina_b”.

“If a man said what you did, they would be gone by now,” tweeted another.

The tweet in question was Bartholomew’s explicit response to a video shared by Nine News Melbourne featuring Seb Costello, who also happens to be the son of Nine Network’s chairman and former treasurer.


Source: TV Blackbox

TV Blackbox reports Nine management has held discussions with its legal team to decide on a course of action.

(Source: TV Blackbox)

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