Mermaid Melissa, an aquatic star who swims with a $7000 dollar tail, has been videoed swimming with stingrays, like she is one of them! 

In the video, the creatures are seen to mistake her for one of their own and swim calmly around her. 

Mermaid Melissa told the Huffington Post that while she was swimming in the Cayman Islands, “I went to wave at the crowd and a bow-mouthed guitar fish – a member of the sting ray family – stuffed my hand in his mouth and crunched my fingers back…I think he thought I was food by the way I was waving to the crowd and he sucked my entire hand up into his mouth with one strong crunch. The sound underwater was amplified so it sounded like I cracked all my knuckles at the same time… at least I was hoping it was just knuckles.”

Swimming with sea creatures has scored her lots of close calls and scares but she absolutely loves it. 

Watch the beautiful footage below! 

Source: Mirror

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