2020 has been a fast-moving year, and every day seems to bring with it a hundred new stories and revelations that we’re supposed to know about.

With so much misinformation, misdirection and mistruth in news in 2020, it is hard to know who you can trust for honest, reliable news.

Thankfully, the newspaper that Aussie journos rely on for the real truth has been turned into a bite-sized, daily podcast.

The Betoota Advocate is Australia’s oldest newspaper, with its roots dating back to the 1800s, we’re told.

I mean, we haven’t really got time to fact-check these types of things.

Each day, the Betoota Advocate’s cadet journalist Wendell Hussey is joined in the Budgy Smuggler Booth by one of the newspaper’s seasoned journos to bring you all the (possibly fake) news that you haven’t heard behind the day’s biggest news topics.

Here’s a taste of how the Betoota Advocate journalists covered some of the biggest news topics recently:


The Presidential Debate

The first of three US Presidential debates felt more like a temper tantrum between two kids on a playground.

Betoota journos Wendell Hussey and Clancy Overell unpacked first debate, before revealing the name of who is lined up to moderate the second one.

“Of course, yesterday’s moderator, Chris Wallace of Fox News, struggled to maintain control,” Overell said.

“It soon became evident that while he tried his very best he was well and truly out of his depth in adjudicating the two men.

“Leaving the American people with no option but to bring in the big guns moving forward. Jerry Springer’s the only man capable of successfully maintaining control of such a low-brow debate.”


David Attenborough Joining Instagram

Documentary-maker and natural historian David Attenborough recently joined social media site Instagram.

But, according to Wendell Hussey and Errol Parker, Attenborough was taken aback by the number of friendly comments he received on his very first post.

“Sir David Attenborough has been blown away by all the rather forward young women in his Instagram comments.”

He’s been “bombarded with a raft of comments of quite a sexual nature on his account.”

Most of the comments are said to have come from swimwear models with no followers, typically saying things like: “I have no underwear won’t somebody help me.”


Victoria Lifting COVID-19 Restrictions

Victoria has suffered through some of the longest, most-restrictive lockdowns since the pandemic began.

But with things beginning to turn around for the southern state, the Betoota Advocate revealed not only that Victoria would be moving out of lockdown but the reason behind it.

Journo Clancy Overell revealed: “Daniel Andrews has instantly lifted restrictions after hearing the Prime Minister’s latest round of pot shots in the media.”


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