The Rolling Stones have offered up a new preview from the deluxe reissues of the band’s 1971 album Sticky Fingers, which will be released on June 9.  A video featuring an alternate version of the country-flavored gem “Dead Flowers” has been posted on the band’s official VEVO page and VEVO YouTube channel.

The track sounds grittier and more bluesy than the original version on the Sticky Fingers album, with more prominent lead, rhythm and bass guitars.  In addition, the faux Southern accent Mick Jagger used on the famous version is less pronounced, while Ian Stewart’s honky-tonk piano lines are lower in the mix.

The video that accompanies the alternate “Dead Flowers” features grainy archival film of various “found footage” scenes made to look as if the viewer is watching an old tube TV set.  The clip also includes images from the deluxe Sticky Fingers packaging and elapsed-time footage of flower blooms closing.

The alternate version of “Dead Flowers” is part of a bonus disc featured in various editions of the Sticky Fingers reissue.  As previously reported, among the versions available is a Super Deluxe Edition box set that features bonus tracks including studio outtakes, alternate takes and live recordings; a DVD containing footage of The Stones performing at a 1971 London club show; a seven-inch vinyl single featuring “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses”; collectible postcards, a poster and a print; a replica cutout of the band; and a 120-page limited-edition hardcover book.

The Rolling Stones have been showcasing songs from Sticky Fingers on their recently launched Zip Code Tour of North America.  The band’s next show is this Saturday in Columbus, Ohio.

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