Sting has made a substantial donation to the charity helping victims of the recent New York apartment building blast. The longtime Manhattan resident and his wife, Trudie Styler, gave $36,000 to GOLES, which stands for Good Old Lower East Side.

Novelist Alan Kaufman, artist Jim Storm and others have arranged a benefit to take place April 12 at Theater 80.

Kaufman declined to name the amount to Page Six, New York Post: “Our intention was to have the fund-raiser at the theatre and that we would raise whatever proceeds from that,” Kaufman told us. “We reached out to [Sting] to see if he could perform, but it turns out he’s abroad. He just turns around and made this amazing donation.”

Alan added, “So far, the only big money has come from Sting, but the theatre event looks like it’s going to be sold out.”

The March 26th explosion destroyed three buildings, killed two, injured more than 20 and left many homeless.

Sting is currently touring Europe with Paul Simon.

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