Twenty years on, the Spice Girls are still making an impact. ‘Girl Power’ is inspiring a whole new generation, and for a very good reason.

The Global Goals, an organisation for sustainable development, are striving to make the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals famous in order to end poverty, fight inequality & tackle climate change by the year 2030.

They’ve started a hashtag – #WhatIReallyReallyWant, and original Spice Girl Victoria Beckham is on board, posting the video to her Facebook page. In just 15hours it has been viewed 22 million times and recieved over 365,000 shares, watch below:

The Global Goals are calling for people to share a photo of yourself using the #WhatIReallyReallyWant hashtag, holding up a sign saying what YOU really, really want for girls and women. Here are a few below:


The power of music with an even more powerful message. Hats off to Global Goals.

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