Southern Bay Brewery, in Victoria, has sparked fury over a homophobic Facebook post they posted last night. 

The brewery company posted a meme reading, “Non-alcoholic beer – you mean gay lemonade?”

Social media users were quick to slam the company, labelling the brewery “homophobic”. 

Hey wow, your social media just dropped below the quality of your beer! Congrats. Now delete this rancid post,” one woman wrote.

Another added: “Gross and bigoted marketing. It’s not funny and has the potential to create real harm.”

In response, Southern Bay Brewery promptly deleted the post, issuing an apology begging for forgiveness. 

Apologies to all that were offended by an earlier post. This was posted without any thought whatsoever and no offence was intended,” the post read.


The post has since been deleted and we will be more careful selecting our posts in future.

We realise this is not good enough and we should not have posted the homophobic beer meme. It will not happen again.

It was a gross error and mistake and we would appreciate it if people were kind enough to forgive us.”

Social media users weren’t satisfied with the apology.

“Blaming a lack of thought is equally unacceptable and apologising to ‘all that were offended’ puts the onus on us and feels like you don’t understand why your post was offensive,” one comment reads. 

Another added, “The post and the subsequent ‘apology’ has just proven that you haven’t learnt as a company from previous poor posts… Also, you’re not attempting to own an apology if you can’t put your name to it. The industry and the wider community rightly demands better.”