Norman Lear is the mind behind some of the most influential sitcoms to air, such as “The Jeffersons,” “All in the Family” and “Good Times.”

Lear celebrated is 100th birthday on July 27th. The legendary writer chose shared some important words of wisdom, as he entered the ‘century’…

“I guess my breakfast thought at the moment… is the moment,” Lear noted. “The moment between past and present, present and past, the moment between after and next. The hammock in the middle of after and next.”

An authentic gratitude resonated through his voice at the thought of turning another year older, not to mention a distinctly endearing sense of humour. “I mean, my God, the miracle of being alive with everything that’s available to us, and me turning 100 tomorrow. Do you hear me? Tomorrow I turn 100. That’s as believable to me as ‘Today I’m 99,’” he chuckled.

He presented an adorably inspiring video on Instagram:


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With a particular emphasis on not taking any of life’s moments for granted, Lear instead asks us to look at what’s right with the picture (the positive) instead of what’s inevitably wrong (the negative).

It’s all about cherishing what’s in front of you. Happy Birthday, Norman!

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