Apparently there are still ‘firsts’ when it comes to The Beatles…

Sir Paul McCartney surprised fans at Budokan Arena in Tokyo today, playing the classic hit ‘Another Girl’ live for the first time in the band’s history – half a century after the song’s initial release!

In front of a packed and enthusiastic audience, McCartney performed the up tempo hit to the sound of applause.  

Originally released on the 1965 Beatles’ Album “Help”, the foursome never actually incorporated the song into any of their live shows.

As a group, the Beatles played at the same venue in 1966.

“It’s very exciting to be returning to the Budokan because it is a very special place and was the first place we played in Japan,” Sir Paul told Yahoo News.


“There was a lot of controversy at the time but I now know that it is a regular venue for a lot of people. But for me it has a very special place in my memory.

“It was sensational and quite emotional remembering the first time and then experiencing this fantastic audience tonight.

“It was thrilling for us and we think it was probably the best show we did in Japan and it was great to be doing the Budokan 49 years later. It was crazy. We loved it.”

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