I Am Woman singer Helen Reddy is still roaring despite battling dementia.

In her first interview since being diagnosed with the condition in 2015, the Australian Grammy-winning singer and trailblazer says she’s feeling “great”.

“I really love the life that I have. I take every day as it comes,” the 75-year-old told Network Ten’s Studio 10.

The mother of two and the first Australian to win a Grammy Award co-wrote the smash hit I Am Woman in 1971.

The smash hit not only launched Reddy’s international career but was adopted as an unofficial anthem for the growing feminism movement globally.

Having sold an impressive 25 million albums, Reddy quit showbiz for good two years ago due to poor health.


Reports emerged she had been diagnosed with dementia, something her family denied, and was being cared for in a Los Angeles nursing facility.

Dementia is a broad term to describe a collection of symptoms caused by a range of disorders affecting the brain. It affects a person’s thinking, behaviour and ability to perform everyday tasks.

Reddy is not alone in her diagnosis, there are more than 350,000 Australians currently living with dementia.

When quizzed about her health during a pre-taped interview on Monday, Reddy said her health was “excellent”.

“I am feeling great, actually,” she said.


Also during the rare interview, Reddy reminisced about many of her famous friends from Hollywood, including the late Frank Sinatra.

“He was so sweet.”

“I thought he was wonderful,” she said.


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