Missed some of the show or just want to hear it again?

Well you can with Jonesy & Amanda’s JAMcast!

Segments include:

– Magnificent Seven

– Jalmanac: ‘Money for Nothing’ by Dire Straits

– HeadJAM



– We list the animals people are claiming can predict the World Cup winners

-JAM-action Line: Should David Warner be able to commentate cricket for Channel 9? 

– Simple Minds star Jim Kerr shares a hotel incident that involved a lady washing her knickers in the kettle!

– Meg Ryan copies the routine of a horse every morning when waking up 

– Amanda has been playing the Love Island app on her phone ALL morning


– Jonesy claims Amanda did an advertisement in her time on Beyond 2000 discussing a sail boat

– Jimbo’s Jibba Jabba

– Goolies

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