Three months after The Block’s season finale, several couples have gone public with their “permanent link”.

Contestants Tess, Deb and Mel have revealed that they all have matching tattoos. The trio each got the Viking/Rune symbol ‘Inguz’ tattooed on themselves, which reportedly translates to: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have made life long friends with some of The 2019 blockheads and we are now forever united with this symbol,” Mel wrote.

“I’m proud to be permanently inked and linked with some of my fellow Block fam who have also recently got this tattoo,” said Deb.

“From the first meeting on The Block our fellow contestants were a constant source of love, support and inspiration.”

This information begged the question as to whether Jonesy & Amanda should get matching tattoos to commemorate their 16 years on air together.

Click ‘PLAY’ below to hear Jonesy & Amanda’s hilarious tattoo ideas:


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