Sharon Osbourne’s tooth fell out on live TV yesterday (16.12.14).

The 62-year-old star was filming an episode of ‘The Talk’ and was midway through an enthusiastic speech about her husband Ozzy Osbourne on the programme when she began feeling her mouth and suddenly shouted: “Oh s**t.”

Her fellow panellist Sheryl Underwood started laughing and said: “Oh lord, oh lord, oh lord. Is that what I think that is?”

Sharon replied: “My tooth’s falling out … Oh no problem, it’s on one of those … what is it? It’s an implant. And I spent a bloody fortune and this f***ing thing is falling out!”

She then pulled the implant out and put it back in again which resulted in the other panellists, Julie Chen, Aisha Tyler and Sara Gilbert, and the studio audience shrieking.

Despite having a huge smile on her face, Sharon asked the audience: “What am I gonna do?”

As well as the rest of the studio audience, Julie Chen found the incident funny and asked Sharon to pull out her tooth again, but Aisha Tyler pleaded with her not to remove the offending molar.


Sharon then joked the show will have to stop temporarily for a tooth emergency.

She said: “Seriously, has anyone got any glue? We have to take an emergency tooth break.”

But there didn’t appear to be any dental help at hand so the star, not appearing to be in any pain, continued with the show.

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