Well we never thought that we’d see the day! The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally addressed the rumour that he violently shat his pants at Engadine McDonald’s over 20 years ago.

In case you’re unaware about the sh*t tale, a rumour has been circling for a while now that ScoMo allegedly pooped his pants at Engadine Macca’s following the Cronulla Sharks grand final loss in 1997.

The story went viral earlier this year and someone actually went to the effort of putting up a plaque at the fast food store in commemoration of the alleged incident.

Despite the story practically becoming part of Aussie folklore and a largely spoken about topic, ScoMo has never once addressed the rumour himself.

That is, until now…

Our PM was speaking at the Press Gallery’s Midwinter Ball last night when he made a surprising mention of the story.

But sadly he neither confirmed nor denied the sharting… Instead he teased us all by basically saying we will NEVER know the truth about what happened that night in 1997.


“I note the great collective has in it’s infinite wisdoms decided to put tonight’s speech on the record,” ScoMo said. “Sure, your call. But now you won’t hear my unadulterated views of RBA monitoring policy, the South China sea, or most importantly what really happened at the Engadine McDonald’s in 1997.

“It will remain the mystery of the ages.”

The crowd immediately erupted into laughter and a number of journalists present at the fundraising event tweeted about the awkward moment.


In case you’re thinking that parliament went wild last night, the ball is actually known for being quite risqué and a bit of a laugh, as this is the event where Malcolm Turnbull tried out his Donald Trump impression one year.

Hilarious! Listen to the moment for yourself in the video above!

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