Sex in the City, while iconic, never really represented the truly diverse nature of New York City back in the day.

With the reboot coming up, it seems like the new series wants to update their image.

According to the Daily Mail, the show plans to make the new series “as racially diverse and colourful as New York city itself.”

Whilst (everyone’s favourite) Samantha will not be joining the new series, she is apparently set to be replaced by two new racially diverse characters.

“A strong powerful African-American woman and another from an Asian background.”

Their source told the publication that “Samantha isn’t coming back but we are introducing two new characters, strong and feisty women of colour, who will help introduce the show to a new generation of viewers and more accurately reflect the world we live in.”

“The first series followed the girls in their 20s… Now they are in their 50s so life is somewhat different. The one thing that will never change is their love of great shoes. “

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