Ryan Reynolds has it all.

The actor has been busy for the last couple of decades working on plenty of shows and movies, starting with sitcom Two Guys and a Girl and progressing to roles in blockbuster giants.

He’s also been married to actress Blake Lively since 2012, and the cute couple welcomed their first baby last December.

So with the world at his feet, what’s on the cards for Mr Reynolds?


Yep, you read that right: the Hollywood hunk has said that after this year’s Deadpool – the latest in a string of Marvel films for Reynolds – he’s throwing in the towel for a while.


Speaking to news.com.au, the 38-year-old said of 2015, “So far this [Deadpool] is it. If this goes according to plan then I’ll just retire.

“Artistically, if this goes according to plan I’ll definitely feel like I’ve done enough.”

But Reynolds then followed that up by saying he can’t imagine himself doing anything but working in film for the rest of his life, and that he hopes to still be in the industry into old age.

Whether that’s as an actor or something more behind the scenes – we’ll just have to wait and see.

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