If somebody unexpected knocked on your door on a Saturday night, you’d be shocked and hesitant to actually open it. Wait, scratch that, whenever somebody knocks on your door no matter the time or day, you’d be taken aback.

Well, what if it was Aussie legend Rove knocking on your door?

It’s true, the one and only Rove went door knocking as part of a new ‘social experiment’ in anticipation for his new show, Saturday Night Rove.

“Last week, I went out at 7:30 on a Saturday night, door knocking to find out what people are doing,” he told Jonesy & Amanda.

He was understandably shocked at the outcome, explaining: “the first one [house] was good, and then there were just a lot of angry people who thought that I was A Current Affair coming to raid them.”

It was at that moment that he decided to turn the camera lights off, and introduce himself but “even then some people wouldn’t open the door.”


He found a solution though!

“I said I was Carrie Bickmore, Amanda Keller, Waleed Aly, whatever names would get the doors open!”

But, let’s face it, if anybody unexpectedly knocked on our door, we’d panic… and avoid opening it.

“Someone who arrives unsolicited at your door is horrifying at any time,” Amanda rebutted, admitting what we were all thinking.

“I wouldn’t even answer the door,” Rove replied.


“But I’m very pleased that people did or it would be a very uninteresting segment otherwise.”

Saturday Night Rove premieres Saturday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

Hear more about Rove’s social experiment above!

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