A new promotional ad for The Rolling Stones’ recently announced London exhibit, Exhibitionism, has been judged too risqué for the city’s subway stations and bus stops. 

The Guardian reports that the band was told that the brightly coloured poster, which features the band’s famous lips-and-tongue logo positioned over the crotch of a bikini-clad woman, was not suitable for public display in the U.K. capital.

According to the paper, Exterion Media and Clear Channel, the companies that respectively regulate ads that run in London’s subways and bus stops, asked that The Rolling Stones revise the poster so that the logo appeared over the woman’s navel.  The modified advertisements will debut in London on Monday, while the original version of the poster will appear throughout the rest of the U.K.

In response to the ruling, a spokesperson for the band said, “We are dumbfounded and perplexed at this rather silly decision.  Perhaps something to do with the fact that it’s the Rolling Stones and controversy still seems to follow them everywhere.”

Exhibitionism will open in April 2016, at the Saatchi Gallery in London.  The show, which is being put together with the band’s full cooperation, will feature more than 500 previously unseen pieces of Stones memorabilia, and will take fans on an interactive journey through the group’s 50-plus-year career.  Tickets for the exhibit go on sale this Friday, July 10.

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