The new concert film focusing on Roger Waters’ acclaimed The Wall Live Tour will open in  theatres around the world on September 29.  The movie, titled Roger Waters The Wall, includes footage from a few of the many shows that the ex-Pink Floyd star played during the 2010-2013 trek, as well as interview footage with Waters.

In addition, the film features documentary scenes of Roger musing about the toll war has taken on his family, along with footage of him traveling to the French cemetery where his grandfather — who was killed during World War I — is buried, and to Anzio, Italy, near the site where his father died in World War II.

Roger Waters The Wall, which premiered last September at the Toronto International Film Festival, was directed by Waters and the tour’s co-creative director, Sean Evans, and was shot in high-def 4K resolution.  Waters’ The Wall Live Tour performances offered a dramatic multimedia spectacle featuring a full performance of Pink Floyd’s 1979 concept album, The Wall, accompanied by video projections, giant puppets, pyrotechnics, theatrical interludes and the construction of a massive wall across the stage.

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