Roger Waters has never been one to mince words, and he’s found a new target for his latest verbal volley. Tech executives, who he calls a “gallery of rogues and thieves.”

In an interview with The Times of London, the ex-Pink Floyd bassist declares himself “enormously privileged to have been born in 1943 and not 1983.” That’s because he grew up at a time, he says, “when there was a music business and the takeover by Silicon Valley hadn’t happened, and in consequence, you could still make a living writing and recording songs and playing them to people.” He blames the folks who run those companies for injecting themselves “between the people who aspire to be creative and their potential audience and steal[ing] every [expletive] cent anybody ever made.”

In the same interview, Waters also quashes any possibility of a future Floyd reunion, calling it “out of the question.” He believes that you “can’t look backwards,” because “life gets shorter and shorter the closer you get to the end of it and time becomes more and more precious” and “should be entirely devoted to doing the things you want to do.”


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