Rod Stewart’s wife has dismissed reports suggesting she is pregnant with the rocker’s ninth child.

Penny Lancaster insists a recent red carpet moment of Rod placing a caring hand on his wife’s stomach was blown out of proportion – and even producer pal Quincy Jones was fooled into thinking the 43-year-old photographer-turned-TV personality was with child.

Lancaster, who has two kids with Stewart, tells Britain’s The Telegraph, “I’m not pregnant. I don’t know what happened there… Rod put his hand on my tummy and just at that moment Quincy Jones came up the red carpet behind us and said, ‘Are you pregnant again?’

“I think Rod did it because I’ve been on this no-carb (carbohydrate) diet for two months and have lost 10 pounds.”

And she insists there will be no more Stewart kids while she’s married to the 69 year old, adding, “Rod loves kids, but we’re definitely done.

“(Youngest son) Aiden took two years to conceive and that gruelling IVF three times over really took it out of me. I’m not even on the (birth control) pill any more because it’s never going to happen.

“When we did that last IVF there were three possible candidates, and the doctor told us that to up the odds he could put them all in – but that could mean triplets. I looked at Rod and he said, ‘Put them all in’. Luckily little Aiden came through. But I don’t think I’m being irresponsible not being on the pill any more. After all, I’m of a certain age.” AAP

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