Rod Stewart has been married three times and has eight children, so he must know something about charming the ladies. And it seems he’s passing that wisdom down to his eldest son, Sean.

Sean, who is currently filming an E! reality show with his siblings, tells British paper The Mirror that his rock star dad gives him lots of dating advice. “He says to me, ‘You need to make a girl laugh, charm her, make her feel beautiful, make her feel special and be a gentleman… then you’re in,’” the 34-year-old says.

Sean says he respects his father’s opinion, and will sometimes bring girls home to meet him. “A few of them I do take home for my dad to approve,” says Sean. “They get so excited — he’s the biggest rock star in the world. He will give them a little look, and at this point their mums are also excited because they grew up with him.”

He says he doesn’t question his father’s knowledge on relationships. After all, he’s been witnessing his dad’s antics for a long time. When he was a child, he went on tour with Rod and saw women throwing their bras at him on stage. “I’ve most definitely learned from the best,” Sean says. “He has given me the secrets of the young Jedi Stewart. He will be really disappointed if I don’t find myself a nice lady now. Although he’s done with getting married… he is definitely done now.”

Rod’s been married to model Penny Lancaster since 2007. Sean’s mom, Alana Hamilton, was Rod’s first wife. Sean tells The Mirror UK that his dad and mom may both make appearances on the upcoming reality show, called Stewarts & Hamiltons. Sean describes the show as a real-life Modern Family.

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