In 2013, Rod Stewart returned to the charts in a big way with his first album of original songs in years, Time.  Still on a songwriting roll, he’s following that up with another new album, due this October. reports that at a presentation by Rod’s label, Capitol Records, he spoke about the new set, which is called Another Country, and will be released in October.  He said of the project, “I’ve wondered about being in the armed forces, away from your sweetheart and your family … that must be heartbreaking … that is what Another Country is all about.”  At the event, Rod also performed his new song, “Stay with Me Tonight.”

In November, Rod told Vegas Player magazine that his new album would be released in the spring and would feature a lot of “Celtic melodies,”and that he’d also been experimenting with ska and reggae sounds.  It’s not clear if that’s what this new album will actually sound like.

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