Robert Irwin has revealed that his sister Bindi’s baby is already out wrangling snakes… at just seven months!

“She is the most incredible little human in the world. She’s just amazing, she’s so bright, she’s so happy, she’s the most switched on little kid,” Robert told Sunrise.

“She’s in there wrangling snakes and she’s going in booping koalas on the nose, she’s got the best life.”

Kochie and Nat were understandably left stunned at the admission.

“Oh Robert, come on! At seven months she’s wrangling snakes?” Kochie asked.

“I’ve heard of uncles saying their nieces are advanced for their age… but wrangling snakes?”

Robert replied with the most logical answer: “Well, she lives at a zoo, come on!”


He then laughed, acknowledging that the snakes are not venomous.

“I hope Bindi’s not watching,” he added.

“I haven’t taken her to the crocs just yet.”

Bindi Irwin’s gave birth to Grace Warrior Irwin Powell in March, with Uncle Robert telling Sunrise the newborn “just loves life” at Australia Zoo.

What a life!

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