(Review: Laura Thorburn, Photos: Rodney Magazinovic)

Let Me Entertain You! A fitting opening to the first sold out concert of international superstar, Robbie Williams, last night at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. Personally, entertained is just one of many descriptive words I can use to depict the feeling myself and, I’m sure, thousands of others felt upon leaving the venue. The man left many happy concert goers swooning and eagerly awaiting his return, luckily for some Robbie will be back again to do it all again tonight before heading off on the remainder of the tour.

Lets get right into this, shall we?

The best part about Robbie Williams for me is that he is a born entertainer, he’s a complete live wire and oh so cheeky! The man is a truly talented musician and completely comfortable singing acapella, which is kind of a novelty in the music industry these days and okay, he’s gorgeous, which doesn’t hurt either! It’s pretty easy to grasp why he is still selling out venues – he manages to leave every single person who attends a show elated by what they were lucky enough to be a part of, because attending a Robbie Williams concert is an incredible experience unlike any other!

The British native had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the moment he stepped out onto the stage and it was easy to see why, he’s a showman, playing to the audience while still being his cheeky self. He was having fun, so everyone was having fun. The crowd was feeding off the energy that the man was putting out and boy was he putting out a lot of energy!

The hits were in full force on the set list, even going all the way back to the Take That days with a rendition of Back For Good accompanied by opening act Lawson. That was a beautiful moment, especially with Robbie giving up on the high notes just like so many of us when it comes up whilst singing karaoke, if you can hit them, congrats because they are tough! Thank you Robbie for making all of us feel a little better about our singing abilities! Now Lawson weren’t the only ones to join the performer on stage, Peter Williams, Robbie’s father took to the stage to sing Better Man with his son and it was just lovely, the man can sing!

Now we all know that Robbie is a daddy now, particularly after the live tweeting of the labour and birth of his second child. Last night Robbie performed and filmed himself singing Let It Go, from Frozen, for his daughter Teddy and like many musically inclined parents this doting dad has penned songs for his children. Teddy’s song, Go Gentle is a beautiful song and quite heartfelt but what about the song he has written for his son Charlie? I hear you ask. Well, it’s a little different but equally amazing. The song, simply titled Motherf*cker is a lovely tune about the family and their exploits, I feel that every parent should include this in the bedtime routine for their male offspring, or if you are a little more on the conservative side, maybe stick with twinkle twinkle little star.


Bohemian Rhapsody was the first of four encore songs and wow was it amazing! The film clip displayed on the big screen made it so much better, it was like Queen were right there with us all. That, coupled with the crowds enthusiasm made it one of the stand out performances of the evening. My stand out performance, however, must go to Angels and not just because it’s one of my favourite songs, it was clearly one of the audience favourites as well. Lastly, we all got to sing karaoke with Robbie and belt out My Way, made popular by Frank Sinatra.

Wow, just wow. This concert was amazing and fun and all things brilliant. I could sit here all day and write about every little thing that was right about this show, from the band to the singers and dancers to the stage layout and the ways in which Robbie Williams is just the perfect entertainer, but I’ll leave a little to the imagination for those who are attending the concert tonight – you’ll enjoy yourselves, trust me on that.

Lastly, a few words about opening act, Lawson. These guys are great! Extremely talented musicians and I’m sure they have a long future ahead of them. It was also lovely to see them in the interval signing autographs and taking photos with fans after their set. If you’re heading there tonight, these guys won’t disappoint as an opening act and if you’re not heading to the show, be sure to check them out when they return to Australia!

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