Longtime Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora will be a guest star on tonight’s episode of his friend John Stamos’ new comedy series, Grandfathered in the U.S.

In the show, Sambora portrays himself, and appears in a segment in which he performs with a backing band at the restaurant owned by Stamos’ character, Jimmy Martino.

The plot of the episode focuses on Jimmy’s efforts to make amends after showing up late to his granddaughter’s second birthday party.  Jimmy decides to throw his own, bigger party for little Edie at his restaurant, and calls on his pal Sambora to play at the bash.

Sambora says of his appearance on Grandfathered, “I have been the wedding singer and done a bar mitzvah, but I haven’t played an actual children’s birthday party.”

Grandfathered follows the misadventures of a 50-year-old bachelor who has just learned that he not only has an adult son, but that his son is a father himself.

Sambora, meanwhile, continues to work on his new album with Australian guitar whiz Orianthi, which is expected to be released in 2016.

You can watch a preview of tonight show at Fox’s official YouTube channel.


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