If you’ve watched a couple of episodes of ‘I’m A Celebrity…’ this year, you’ll most likely have heard one of Rhonda Burchmore’s phenomenal Hollywood stories. We’re glad we get to live vicariously through her – not everyone gets to have ‘the most beautiful evening’ with Colin Firth, you know!

On Thursday night’s episode, Burchmore spilled the beans on working and studying with award-winning actress Nicole Kidman. The ‘Big Little Lies’ star sounds like a dream from the outside, but according to Burchmore, it’s a whole other story.

When asked whether Kidman was a lovely person, Burchmore wouldn’t reply before divulging on the star’s ‘diva’ ways on set of Baz Lurhman’s film ‘Australia’.

According to Burchmore, Kidman had issues with insects and farm animals on set, and repeatedly demanded that the cows stopped mooing.

We don’t know the truth from the lie, but we love them both just the same!