Fans of The Bachelor were no doubt shocked to hear news that Matt Agnew and his chosen girl Chelsie McLeod had broken up just a matter of weeks after their finale aired.

But now it’s being claimed that this news may not be so surprising, with reports that Matt was actually close to pulling a Honey Badger.

In case you don’t know what this term means, basically it’s in reference to Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of The Bachelor where he sensationally picked none of the girls in his finale.

And now a source is telling New Idea that the 32-year-old astrophysicist almost did the same thing!

The same source claims that producers forced Matt into picking a winner.

In the end, Matt chose Chelsie over runner-up Abbie Chatfield. But just last Sunday, Matt and Chelsie announced that they had split, saying that their romance didn’t translate from the screen into real life.


The source told the publication that Matt’s contract actually stated that he had to pick a winner following the PR disaster of Nick’s season in 2018.

“He wanted to choose no one but obviously it was in his contract that he had to choose someone, so producers pushed him to pick Chelsie because she was the safe bet,” the source told New Idea.

“If it happened two years in a row, the whole franchise would be done.”

“He was made to keep the act up and do the required media rounds with Chelsie until Angie’s season [of the Bachelorette] had finished airing,” the source added.


A spokesperson for Channel 10 has since told the Daily Mail that no such clause exists in The Bachelor’s contract, saying that “Matt was not contractually obliged to choose a winner”.

However, it is possible that maybe Matt felt pressured into picking someone based off the way the way that the nation turned on Nick Cummins for choosing no one the previous year.

With the way that Chelsie and her fellow Bachelor contestants have been speaking on Instagram in support of Chels, it also does seem like Matt was the one who instigated the break up.

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Take the good with the bad

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“Take the good with the bad,” Chelsie captioned a photo of her with her Bachelor friends.

“Exactly beautiful! We love you. You’re a ray of sunshine & you deserve the bloody world,” wrote Elly Miles, one of Matt’s front runners, in the comments.

“You’re so strong @chelsiemcleaod you have all the girls and Australia’s support,” added one of the intruders Sam Royce.

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