He’s made it clear that he is sick of all the dating apps and wants to meet his perfect match the old-fashioned way… well, kind of… uh, not really. 

If you’re like us, you’re probably watching him thinking, ‘how on earth do I know this guy?’ Well, what if we told you this isn’t his first appearance on Aussie reality television.

Back in 2018, the 52-year-old barber was on Channel Seven’s First Dates Australia. You might remember him rejecting his date because he “didn’t feel the spark”. Despite this unsuccessful stint, he’s willing to give another reality show a go.

“This is an experiment and some things will work, some things won’t,” he told New Idea.

“I’m just looking for somebody that’s super supportive, super understanding and caring.

“I’ve had that in the past and it’s made me realise that I want it again.”


He added, “If it’s somebody who’s got my back, as I will always have theirs, I would be a very happy man.”

Fingers crossed he “feels a spark” in his new relationship with Mishel!

Watch Steve in First Dates Australia above!

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